RISK! Podcast
  • Episode:#533
  • Date:June 02, 2014
  • Run Time:56:43
  • Download: MP3

Second Wind

Danny Lobell, Joe Mulligan and Olga Schmutz share stories of second comings.

Song: RISK! Theme by Wormburner and John Sondericker

Song: Beads, Things & Flowers by The Humble Souls

Live Story: That’s Jazz by Danny Lobell

Radio Story: Like That There by Joe Mulligan

Song: Tears of Joy by Slow Club

Live Story: Carlito’s Way by Olga Schmutz

Song: Cassy O’ by George Ezra


  1. great show as always, but I am telling you carlito scares me……. what a funny story

  2. Carlitos is welcome at my house any day of the week (with a couple hours’ notice).

  3. You don’t need to worry about Carlitos, what you need to be worried about is lubeing up your asshole

  4. I loved Danny Lobell’s story…a knack for pacing…timing. It’s probably the trumpet 😉

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